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One of my favorite YouTube videos; is one called “Shots of Awe”; maybe because “Awe” is one of my favorite words along with Transcendence, Illumination, Wonder and Joy. It’s by the filmmaker and National Geographic host,  Jason Silva.

He says, what prevents us from living a life of wonder and bliss, are our mental habits. “Once we create a comfort zone, we rarely step outside of that comfort zone.”  

Our lives have become dull and routine.  We move from one box to another; going from home to car to cubicle to car to home.  We spend 8 hours a day in windowless buildings, staring at screens under artificial light only to come home and spend another 8 hours staring at screens in rooms with artificial light. We spend more time with our personal devices than our personal relationships.  We are stressed and disconnected.

Silva says, “We have to change the image of the world that we carry around in our heads.  Life was meant to be filled with AWE…

Awe, is an “overwhelming and bewildering sense of connection with a startling universe.” “AWE is an experience that takes you out of the everyday and the ordinary.

Everyone has probably experienced a moment of AWE, an experience that is inspiring, majestic, grand, or breathtaking. But, they can be quiet and small too, like holding the hand of a newborn baby or watching your daughter on her wedding day. These moments take your breath away.  These moments make life worth living…

Life should be filled with Awe? Although, I’d also throw in Laughter, Love and WONDER.   When we die we will not look fondly on our days at the job. We will remember those moments that connected us with the universe, moments of surprise and admiration, beauty and AWE.

We live in an AMAZING universe.   Why are you doing what you do? Are you choosing to live a life of  LOVE, LAUGHTER, WONDER and AWE?